Monday, December 16, 2013

Don't Panic

I'm still alive.

I started graduate school and M started a new job. We've been busy to say the least. Plus my best friend is having her first baby, and life has sort of gotten hectic. Today was my last day of class for the term. Which means that I have 3 long weeks free to relax and catch up with everyone that I've ignored in lieu of Political Economics.

Christmas is just around the corner. Of course I'm not excited about the holidays. They're sort of anticlimactic at this point. I wish I could muster some warm fuzzies, but I inevitably come up short at this point. I honestly do try to minimize my scroogeness. I keep it to myself as much as possible. No need in spreading my lack of holiday spirit. The sad part is that I LOVE to decorate for the holidays. This year... Well it is December 16th and we are still treeless. I may or may not remedy this later today. Now that school stress is behind me, and lord was it stressful, perhaps I can muster a smidge of cheer.

Feliz Navidad